Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sugar High

I've been a little obsessed with all things pumpkin lately, ever since Katherine and I made those pumpkin whoopie pies. There was a recipe in the Chicago RedEye newspaper yesterday for a DIY pumpkin spice latte, and I've been dying to try it out, except...I can't get up early enough in the morning to make it, and I don't want to have any caffeine at night.

One of these days.

I also discovered today that pumpkin spice costs half an arm (a forearm?) at the local grocery store, so that DIY pumpkin spice latte is just going to have to do without it. What's half a teaspoon anyway. Psh.

I've been eating pumpkin for breakfast, too. A couple days ago I discovered the deliciousness that is cottage cheese. Well, cottage cheese as a mixer base. Here's what I've been having for breakfast this week.

That would be:

  • Cottage cheese (as much as you want)
  • Canned pumpkin (as much as you want, a little less than however much cottage cheese there is)
  • Honey (drizzled on top, as much as you want)

As you can see, I follow a strict recipe. Mix it, and you end up with this.

Even better.
You'll just have to take my word for it that it tastes better than it looks. It kind of tastes like pumpkin pie.

Sam also gave me a bowl of edamame hummus from Trader Joe's. Oh. My. God. I don't know how I've never tasted this before, but I've basically been inhaling this stuff since I got it last night and not eating real food for dinner.

That might be why I'm still sick...but there are plenty of nutrients in edamame, right? And pumpkin. And cottage cheese. Right.

Bailey's just bitter because she gets none of my food anymore.

Speaking of which. She's been on kind of a mischievous kick lately. Like the other day I got home to find that my bottle of face wash had been knocked over on the bathroom sink. I don't believe I left it like that.


I did nothing.
She's been a little devil the past couple mornings (yet another reason why I haven't gotten better) and is begging for attention starting at 5am. No matter how many times I pick her up and put her at the foot of the bed, she just prances right back up to my face and stands on it. Thanks, Bay.

You're welcome. Let's play.
I'm currently on a sugar high, because I made cupcakes for a friend's birthday at work tomorrow and had probably more than a decent amount of frosting. I got this tube of (hopefully) edible colored gel so I could write letters on the cupcakes (for a running joke we have), and then I got distracted and started drawing random things on the extra cupcakes I had.

Just so you can see that better:

<3 Bailey! Aww.
I've also decided that I do not like buttercream frosting. I don't care for the taste of it (it's just okay to me), and I hate the consistency of it (please ignore here the fact that I ate about a cup of it tonight - I tend to do that with any frosting). Maybe it's just my subpar skills, but I've made it twice now, and the first time it was strangely artificial tasting even though I didn't put anything weird in it, and this time it was just annoying to frost with because it kept leaking down the sides if I put too much on it. I didn't want to put in more powdered sugar because I'd already reached the limit that Martha said to add. I can't not listen to Martha!

So no more buttercream frosting.

Give me cream cheese frosting or give me nothing.

No. NO! I take that back. Give me cream cheese frosting first. If there isn't any of that, I'll consider buttercream. After I look at all the other options.

Don't give me a cupcake without frosting.


  1. HINT: Use ALLSPICE in lieu of Pumpkin Pie Spice (it is practically the same thing!) Same stuff in it!

    Love your cottage cheese/pumpkin/honey idea!

    Edamame (I know I misspelled that) Hummus? We have a Trader Joe's here, thanks for the tip, I have to check that out!

    Bailey waking u up at 5? Be glad you don't have Cody, he starts at THREE!!!! Bailey is total CUTENESS!

    Your cupcakes look DELISH!

  2. Omg! Thanks for the allspice tip! I will definitely have to try that.

    I hope that's how you spell edamame, because that's how I spell it!

    Bailey definitely used to start her days much earlier, but she's gotten better about it. Much to my relief, although I still wish she could just wait until 6am!

  3. you are welcome! let me know what you think!

    Bailey is such a little cutie, I just order her!