Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dessert Friday #15

Since we still have about five pounds of apples left over from our apple picking excursion a couple weeks ago, I decided to make apple pie last night for Dessert Friday.

Sadly I made this decision at about 9pm, and I had never made apple pie in my life. It wasn't hard or anything, but it was also my first time making a lattice-top pie crust, so I basically just stressed out the entire time because for some reason it never looked "right" to me.

But the end result was great. Can't really go wrong with a butter, brown sugar, and white sugar syrup.

The recipe called for six Granny Smiths, but I didn't have Granny Smiths. I have no idea what kind of apples I used. But they worked just fine.

Not Granny Smiths.
I tried peeling them first with a paring knife, and I quickly learned (in about two seconds) that I am horrible at peeling apples with knives. So my potato peeler did the rest of the work. It was great.

Lots o' apples.
And then I attempted to make a lattice-top pie crust. I learned that I'm bad at cutting in straight lines.

Not straight.
For some reason, despite Nick's claims that the pie looked fine, it just looked off to me. Maybe next time I shouldn't take shortcuts (and maybe next time I won't be making an apple pie at 10pm) and cut thinner strips?

BUT. The syrup you drizzle over that. Was. So. Good.

Main ingredients.
I'd already melted the butter by this point...but there was a stick of butter there too. You know you can't go wrong when you've got that and two kinds of sugar.

The pie came out looking just fine (the lattice top could probably use some work--next time).

And it tasted fantastic.

Extra fantastic, because any dessert eaten at 11pm is better than normal.

Nick certainly enjoyed it.

Bailey certainly did not enjoy being left out of the midnight snack party.

Go away.
On a completely different note...I got an iPhone! And I can't put it down. No, it's not a 4S (although it was kind of amusing seeing the reactions of the two guys in front of me in line at the Verizon store when they were told there was just one 4S left). It's just a regular iPhone 4 8GB. Which I'm completely fine with, since it's got enough space for me and I didn't have to weep for the sake of my bank account as I handed over my credit card to the Verizon lady who rang me up.

Apparently I've been converted over to the world of Apple (Aly, please don't hate me...let's still be friends). First iPad, now iPhone...

Look, they match!
It's like they're breeding.

Just like with the iPad, Bailey has absolutely zero interest in my new phone.

Please stop talking.
It's apparently the weekend of new things. Nick and I ordered a rug for our living room last week, and it came yesterday. Since the time we set it up last night at 6pm, we've basically forgotten that we own couches or chairs. This is my new spot in the living room.

I have finally found a use for those decorative and formerly utterly useless pillows that I put on our couch. I knew they'd be handy one day.

Bailey likes our spots on the floor, because now she feels even higher up when she looks at us from her tower. And thinks about taking over the apartment, judging from the looks of this picture.



  1. ohhhh yesss Bailey DOES look like she is going to take over!

    LOVE your carpet! Beautiful colors and it DOES look comfy!!

    Your pie is incredible! A first time effort/result like that? Amazing! It is gorgeous!

    At first I thought your apples might have been golden delicious but they have too much red in them. They look like Pink Ladies or Honey Crisp...Granny Smiths would have made the pie more tart.

    Looked delicious!!!

  2. Thank you! I don't know why the pie looked off to me, maybe I was just expecting it to look store-bought and perfectly made! :)

    We are realllly enjoying the carpet - it's questionable whether we will ever use our couches again.