Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Given my love of food and the fact that I work right in the middle of downtown Chicago, I follow more than a few food trucks on Twitter so I can see where they are. They're mostly cupcake trucks (are you surprised?), with a froyo truck and a mac and cheese truck thrown in. Last week, a friend of mine at work pointed me to a macaron (no, not macaroon, macaron) truck that I think is relatively new, so naturally, I freaked out with excitement and started following them (Sweet Spot Macarons). If you've ever been to LadurĂ©e in Paris, you'd understand my excitement. Or if you've ever had a macaron at all, you'd understand my excitement.

Today, they were parked about a block away from my office. I was out of the building and next to their truck as fast as my crippled back (it's getting better) would allow me to move.

Oh yes.

I only got two, because...actually, I don't know why I only got two and not everything they had on the truck. It's a fair question. I need to reconsider for the next time they're around my office building.


I ate all of the hazelnut one (sorry Nick) but because I'm such a nice person (apparently with a lot of self-control, too), I saved the salted caramel for Nick (okay, most of it - I requested a nibble or two).

I'm just realizing that despite not being able to do yoga or any form of physical activity outside of walking for the past few days, my dessert intake has not slowed down at all. It's all good.

Last night my parents came over to the apartment for a bit to visit, and my dad brought along a cupcake that he picked up from work.


Luckily Nick was willing to split it with me (it was tough convincing him to), since I apparently wasn't willing to wait a day to eat it and instead chose to eat it at 10pm last night. Good life choices.


Tonight's been a quiet night. Nick went rock climbing (I would've gone, but my back whined and said no thanks) so I've mostly been sitting in my desk watching this one prowl around my room.

Can I mess up whatever is in this drawer?

And also watching her do this.

What's in here?

Of course she's down there trying to eat the zippers off my suitcase and the buckles off my bag.

Nothing to see down here. I've got it covered.


  1. I honestly think you eat more sweets than ANYONE I have ever known in my life! lol

  2. I definitely don't doubt that! :)