Monday, October 10, 2011

Sore Hands

So, it turns out that apparently I cannot do 50 ab crunches using the climbing trainer. Nope, I do about 10, and my hands hurt so badly from the holds on the board that I just stop even though my abs are actually okay. So I've kind of taken to doing 10 here and there. We'll see. Still planning on those washboard abs. Someday...

Saturday was a day of actual rock climbing, which was fun, except I hadn't climbed in months, and apparently if you don't climb in months, you lose whatever tiny bit of strength you had in your arms. I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day. Good thing we had a hearty dinner that night...STEAK.

And broccoli.

I looked over at one point during dinner to see this staring at me.

Hello. I'm here.
Since I didn't give her any, Bailey reluctantly ate her own kibble.

I bet steak tastes better than this.
And for some reason towards the end of dinner, she started playing with her bowl that she gets wet food in.

Nope. I had none of it.

She was in a food coma all the same after dinner despite not getting steak or wet food.

I'm so tired I don't even care you're taking pictures.
Yesterday Sam came over and we made this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie as a late birthday treat for me (late because I fail at planning). Oh my was it good.

Yes it was good.
See those missing pieces? That was the damage we did (with Nick) after pulling it out of the oven.

And now there is only one piece left...oops. But please make this. You won't regret it.

Bailey was her usual lazy Sunday self yesterday, just like she is every Sunday.

Go away please.
At one point I got her to play with one of her toys, but she opted to kind of keep watch of it instead of play with it.

In other (really random) news, Nick has been playing this video game Oblivion a lot lately. Last night I found out I'm decent at this one skill in it.

Lock picking.

Right. So that's good. If all else fails in my life...I know what I can turn to.

Timing the click of a mouse, apparently.