Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Working from Home

I threw out my back last weekend. No, I'm not 90 years old. I have a partially herniated disc, back from my volleyball days, and it flares up from time to time (okay, it flares up when I make stupid decisions like thinking it was a good idea to sit on a hardwood floor for 1.5 hours without back support). This time it was so bad that I requested to work from home today (as in, I lumbered around at my office yesterday like an overdue pregnant woman, so I felt like it was better for my integrity that I just do this in the privacy of my own home).

I love the idea of working from home, especially since it saves me about 1.5 hours of commute time. That, and the fact that I get to wear a t-shirt that says "Just Loafin'" on the front (this is true: I picked out this shirt to wear today specifically because of the fact that I was working from home), and my pajama pants.

And the fact that I actually had time to make a DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte (see point about commute time) for myself!

I had enough time to use the stove!
I substituted pumpkin pie spice with allspice (thanks Caren & Cody!) since apparently pumpkin pie spice has gold flakes in it, judging from its price at my local grocery store. In any case, it was still delicious, so I'll never know the difference.

Better than Starbucks.
Yeah, that's right. I liked it better than the one from Starbucks (and trust me, I usually love Starbucks, as I have a gold rewards card for it).

Since I didn't have to wake up as early as usual, I also had the pleasure of experiencing being stepped on the face by this creature.

Hello is it feed me time?
However, I also got to see her in all her cuteness while she napped the day away.

I'm going to fall over. All I want to do is sleep.
Sadly, most days when I get home from work, she's a nut. Probably from sleeping the entire day while I'm not around. It's a conspiracy.

The one bad thing about working from home is that by the end of the day, my desk usually looks like this.

Since my kitchen is approximately 15 feet away, I'm pretty much snacking constantly. It's something I'm willing to deal with.

Despite my marathon snacking, dinner tonight was still delicious. We tried out this place called HomeMade Pizza Co., where you tell them the kind of pizza you want, they put it together, and then you take it home to bake and eat.

Bake me.
We (okay, I, because I basically vetoed anything Nick suggested and just put down what I wanted) got BBQ chicken with onions. I thought it was kind of a pain to have to bake it, especially because the BBQ sauce dripped everywhere when I took off the plastic wrap, but the end result was pretty good.

Hello I will drip everywhere and you will have to clean me up.
Alright, it's better than any pizza I've ever made.

But honestly, it wasn't so insanely delicious that I'd pay $18 on a regular basis to eat it. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely tasty, but not worth the amount of money it costs. Or the time spent cleaning up after you cook it.

I wouldn't know, because you didn't let me eat any. What's that over there?


  1. I am soooo happy that the allspice worked for you!!!

    I think I learned that tip from Rachael Ray!

    OMG that pizza looked insanely good, bet it was the sauce that caused the mess.

    I also bet that Bailey loved having her Mama home with her!

    Hope your back is feeling better!

  2. I was referred here by my cat-pals Caren & Cody, and let me just say: I think we may be kindred spirits. Here's why:

    -I also live in Chicago, yet am a Packers fan (I assume you are from fabulous Packers pillow in one of the photos in your post);

    -I, too, am a huge fan of Pumpkin Spice Lattes; and

    -I have a fanatic love of everything cats! I have two of my own and they're super awesome (most of the time).

    I'm now following your blog and I hope you'll check mine out as well: lechiccatlady.com. :)

  3. Thanks Caren & Cody! My back is definitely on the mend and Bailey was certainly quite happy yesterday. That pizza sauce definitely got all over the place - quite a pain! And thanks for the blog referral! :)

    Le Chic Cat Lady, thanks for stopping by! It definitely sounds like we're kindred spirits. The Packers pillow is actually my boyfriend's, who is a die hard Packers fan since he grew up in Madison, although I'm basically a Packers fan by default at this point. I'm now following your blog and am already drooling over some of the products I saw - those cat measuring cups are adorable and I'm definitely putting them on my Christmas list this year (Nick, are you reading this?).