Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going Vegetarian

Well...not really completely. But lately I'm realizing that I've been gravitating towards dishes that don't have meat (with the exception of my delicious chicken salad lunch today from Roti). There was the time I picked out about 80% of the chicken in the quinoa/chicken salad Nick made (although he didn't really enjoy it at all, so he wasn't offended). Then when Nick said he wanted to cook dinner last Sunday, I basically vetoed every suggestion he made that had meat in it, and was delighted when he suggested a southwestern vegetarian pasta dish.

No meat.
This dish was insanely good - make it. We used wheat pasta, which I think made it even better. You just feel so healthy eating it. And the best part? Plenty of leftovers for meals the next day.

Courtesy of Chef Nick.

Last night I bought this vegetarian e-book from AllRecipes.com, and I immediately found this recipe for baked falafel that I obviously just had to try tonight. So, tonight, yet again, a meatless meal of baby greens, homemade falafel, and some hummus.

The hummus was definitely just right for this (I thought), although I'm not particularly fond of salad dressing, so I hardly ever have salad with dressing. Hummus is always good enough for me, and I looooove giardiniera mix on just about anything (except maybe a cupcake), so I'll take that over dressing any day.

still haven't gotten around to making a DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte because, let's face it, I've only been getting up later and later since it's now actually getting cold outside (boooooo) and until daylight savings time hits, it's still pitch dark in my room when my alarm goes off, and then I think it can't be much later than 3am and that I should definitely go back to sleep, which doesn't help my cause in any way. Soon.

Apparently I had nothing more interesting to talk about than eating meatless dishes and not being able to get up early enough for coffee. Oh well.

Next topic please. Look how pretty my tail is.


  1. it was interesting to me! That pasta dish sounded delicious! I always use whole wheat pasta, can't eat the "white" stuff anymore, don't like it!

    Ohhhh yes Bailey has a BEAUTIFUL TAIL!

  2. Haha, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The pasta dish was definitely delicious!