Friday, October 7, 2011

Dessert Friday #14

A friend at work told me last week about how Magnolia Bakery was opening in Chicago, and I basically freaked out in excitement. So of course that's where we went for Dessert Friday today, just a few days after it opened.

Oh yes.
The shop itself was adorable, but there was no room to sit down there (everyone had the same excitement I did, apparently), so we ended up eating the cupcakes at the Macy's eating area nearby.

I got the Pink Ribbon Cupcake (they donate $0.75 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every one of these they sell, even though it was a little strange because the cupcake itself is $0.75 more expensive than just a regular cupcake, so...I guess we donated $0.75?) and Nick got a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting.

I take back what I said yesterday about buttercream frosting. Apparently I just don't have the skills. Yet.

It was so pretty. I wish I could frost like that.

It was also really, really delicious.

And there was so much frosting.

After we gained ten pounds from the cupcakes, we met up with Nick's cousin and her boyfriend for dinner and didn't end up getting home until quite a bit later than usual. Bailey made sure to guilt trip us.

Where were YOU guys.
We also came home to this contraption Nick ordered awhile ago to work on rock climbing at home, complete with handholds.

We had to put it together ourselves, which was kind of confusing but ended up working out. Bailey of course oversaw our work.

You're doing it wrong.
Nick had to adjust the handholds a few times know. We were too weak for how we'd initially set them up.

In any case, we've now got this thing hanging in the hallway door frame that's right next to our front entrance.

And I've decided to do 50 of these every day from now on (ha...).

Give me a month and I'll have worked off that Magnolia cupcake. I'll have washboard abs.

Please. No you won't.


  1. because of this i'm coming over daily for ABS

  2. Caren and Cody, I laughed out loud when I saw her expression in the photo!

    Sam, just use a pull-up bar. Trust me, it hurts your hands a lot less.