Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear Oven

Last weekend, when Sam and I made the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie pie, some of the filling spilled over in the oven onto the bottom of it. I made a mental note to clean it up afterwards, but of course, I never did.

Last night, I made pumpkin bread. Ten minutes after I started preheating the oven, I saw smoke coming out of the stove vents and through the sides of the oven door and realized that I never cleaned up the oven from the pie. So, dear oven, here is an apology.

Sorry I never cleaned you. In fact, sorry I've never cleaned you in the three years that I've lived here (in my defense, I didn't use you a lot before). Thanks for surviving that little mental slip of mine.

Also, thank you for turning this unidentifiable gooey mess:

Into this beautiful, deliciously edible loaf of pumpkin bread, even after you threw a smokey tantrum.

I'm also going to have to give a shout out to my candles for making my apartment smell decent after it was filled with smoke.

Thanks candle (one of four that I used).
So there was that.

Nick made this lovely chicken/quinoa dish last night, which he ended up not really liking (boooo) and which I ended up really liking...after picking my way around the chicken. Am I slowly becoming a vegetarian?!

Probably not. I think it was just because the chicken had been frozen for awhile, so I found it a little unsatisfactory. I'm not becoming a vegetarian, but apparently I'm developing more expensive taste buds. Cool...

Bailey as usual took up her regular post behind our chairs and watched us during dinner.

Aaanytime you want to feed me guys. I'm right here.
This morning, she was unusually calm after I gave her wet food breakfast. Usually after she eats, she scampers around the apartment while Nick and I get ready to leave for work. Today, she opted to sit on my bed while I changed and got ready.

Are you sure you want to wear that?
As judgmental as she was, I have to say it was a nice change from the running around she usually does. I could use this more often.

Balderdash. I'm never judgmental.


  1. she's getting older, she is turning into a young lady :)

  2. Haha, I certainly hope so! I could use some calmness around here :)