Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things That Go Bump in the Night

By "things" I really mean "thing." Thing = Bailey. Between the hours of 2 and 6AM, I am woken by at least one of the following sounds (brief descriptions included):

  1. Clunk...clunk. Clunk. CLUNKCLUNKCLUNK.
    • Bailey's collar when it hits the floor because she is spazzing out over a piece of dust or similarly stupid thing she found.
    • Kitten may be rolling around or sniffing on floor, a table, or a counter. The latter two of which she is NOT allowed on.
  2. Jingle! Jingle!! JINGLE!!!
    • Bailey's bell that is on her collar. Makes this noise when she scratches herself, when she runs, or when she jumps.
    • Kitten may be jumping onto a table or counter. Grr.
    • Very loud when it is right next to my ear. Which is 70% of the time because she is spazzing out next to my head, trying to wake me up.
    • Bailey's paws on the floor when she decides she REALLY NEEDS TO GET TO THE OTHER END OF THE APARTMENT SUPER FAST OMG.
    • Usually accompanied by noises 1 and 2.
  4. Scratchscratchscratchscratch....SCRAAAAATCH!!!
    • Bailey scratching on her tower.
    • Usually comes after noise 3.
    • Bailey has just fallen off from her tower, the windowsill, the couch, a chair, a table, etc. while spazzing out.
    • Followed by a long-awaited period of silence while kitten pretends like nothing happened and she is still totally cool and definitely fell off on purpose.
By the time I give up on sleep and get out of bed, she's a perfect angel.

Bailey, I'd like a full night's sleep. Thanks.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Door Game

Bailey hates when we leave the apartment. She'll usually try to guilt-trip us into staying home.

If I'm heading out to go somewhere boring, like the grocery store, or the gym, this usually works.

Since we do have to leave to go to work, we try and make her feel better by playing the Door Game. It involves sticking one or two of our fingers through the door gap and letting Bailey think it's a toy. This makes her look both pathetically desperate and crazy (and surprisingly but fortunately, she does not actually think our fingers are toys when they're not sticking out from the door).

As soon as she hears the door being unlocked, she runs and sits right by the door. Looking sad.

This is when we start playing the Door Game, in effort to try and make her feel better. It temporarily makes her forget that we're leaving, because she's focused on destroying the thing sticking through the door gap. Which is, most of the time, my finger. This is when she looks crazy.

Just when we think she's forgotten the real reason we're playing this game, she realizes what's going. This is when she just looks pathetically cute and needy.

And finally, when she realizes that nothing is going to change the fact that we're leaving, she kind of gets a little depressed.

You tell me you wouldn't skip out on a trip to the gym when you've got a kitten staring out the door like that at you.

Or a trip to the grocery store. Just be hungry. At least the kitten stays happy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


It's Bailey's birthday! She's 1!

Happy birthday Bailey!

It's also Nick's birthday. Happy birthday Nick.

It's not my birthday. :-(

Update: Thanks Nancy, Lyman, Huck, and Benny for Bailey's new toys! This is how much she enjoys them.

More toys!

General spazzing!

And then she got tired.

It's a tough life.