Sunday, June 17, 2012

And I Moved to Seattle

Contrary to what may at this point be popular belief, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, nor am I dead. In the four-ish months between now and my last post, I have been busy moving my life from Chicago to Seattle, and now I'm living in Seattle (for a new job, in case you were wondering. I didn't just on a whim decide to move more than halfway across the country). After going through the ordeal of the move, I've decided that I'm never in my life moving again, so I guess I'm going to be in the Pacific Northwest for the rest of my life. Which is fine, if not solely for the fact that the temperature is high 60's here and consistently 90 in Chicago right now (except that I would really like to be tan now instead of pasty).

We had a moving company truck the majority of our stuff up here, but Nick and I drove some essentials ourselves the entire way with a pit stop in Fargo to see Nick's family (and PUPPIES!).

Katelyn and Mark's new(ish) puppy Dakota!
Crazy Badger - no really, he's crazy.
Huckleberry :)

And I don't really want to justify a picture for Benson because I didn't take any of him, because he was too busy cowering from Nick.

We stayed in Fargo for a few glorious days, and then began the trek to Seattle. Highlights along the way include:

North Dakota badlands.
Mountains - at this point I'm not sure in what state.
Somewhere in Washington - I think.

The entire road trip has blended together in my mind and I have no idea where anything is. The trip also included our poor four-door sedan hauling way too much stuff up and down mountains and really struggling, but I have no pictures of that because I was too busy sobbing with fear that the car was going to break down in the mountains of Montana where there was no cell phone service. But we're still alive, so it's cool.

We stayed in Montana for one night, which apparently Bailey was NOT okay with. We let her out of her crate when we got there because she had been in it for about 14 hours, but she made a beeline for under the bed, EVEN THOUGH it was boxed up underneath. She managed to find a slot between the slabs and nestled herself in a literally unreachable spot, and after ten terrifying minutes of thinking she'd escaped into the forest behind the hotel, Nick and I found where she was and ended up basically taking apart the bed to get her out. I have no pictures of that either, because I was too busy fuming. She spent the rest of the night in the bathroom. I'm not sorry.

We've basically been unpacking and walking places since we got here. We went hiking a couple weekends ago, which I feel was a very Seattle thing to do.


And what has Bailey done since she's been here?

Please stop making noise.
It's naptime all the time.
Are these your legs? I'll sleep on them.
You woke me up.

She's also been actively trying to hunt the pigeons on our deck through the porch door. She just goes crazy at them even though they pay no attention to her, and unless she can pass through glass, she'll have to give up her dream of eating pigeons for meals.

They are out there.

Off to not finish unpacking...