Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dessert Friday #13

Late. Sorry. Last Friday was hectic, but don't worry, we still had Dessert Friday.

Nick's strawberry cobbler that he made last week, and leftover cream puffs.

Strawberry cobbler! (+ vanilla ice cream)
Cream puff!
Nick got me tickets to see My Fair Lady for my birthday, so we basically ran out after eating dessert and dinner and didn't get home until past midnight. The show was worth it though.

Yesterday we went apple picking with some friends.

In addition to the 20 pounds of apples we got, we also got two gallons of cider because cider is amazing. I also got some spice packets to make hot cider and mulled wine with. And I also picked up these.

I haven't opened the pumpkin butter yet, but we had some of the apple butter last night and I'm already regretting not getting at least five jars of it. So amazingly delicious.

Bailey thought so too.

I don't get any.
Nope, she doesn't.

I made spaghetti squash last night for the first time, and I have to say, forking the squash was pretty amusing.

Spaghetti squash!
I'm not sure why I found it fun. But I did.

Along with the squash I made some meatballs and used some jarred spaghetti sauce. Next time I think I'm just going to go the homemade route on the sauce as well, because the jarred stuff didn't really do justice to the meatballs.

I'm so healthy. I try.

And yes, that's hot cider. Putting my spice packets to good use.

As usual, Bailey was annoyed that she didn't get any, and sat behind Nick throughout dinner.

They don't love me.
What an attitude.


  1. your posts are sooo cute! Bailey is such a doll! Yum I LOVE pumpkin butter and apple butter! They are the best! I find spaghetti squash to be pretty amusing too! lol.

    Rachael Ray always says that jarred pasta sauce is the biggest ripoff in the store! You can make sauce in like 20 min (doesn't have to simmer all day), just with onions, garlic, olive oil, seasoning, tomatoes, tomato paste, you can add carrots...I will shut up because you probably already know that! :)

  2. Thanks Caren & Cody!

    I've never actually tried making my own pasta sauce, so thanks for the tips! I'll definitely have to try that.