Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Every year when the weather starts to cool down, I get sick. It's guaranteed to happen (I've accepted this), and I'm usually fine for the rest of the winter once it's over.

This year was a bit worse than others, because I spent four hours yesterday at a career fair for work, recruiting about-to-be graduates. I'd already lost my voice, so standing and talking to people for that long in a noisy and crowded environment didn't really help.

Which is why I spent last night downing shots (okay, just one shot) of Nyquil.

And that's an actual shot glass because I lost the little plastic cup the bottle came with. I always have to have water right afterwards, because I think it tastes just awful, and every time I use liquid Nyquil I wonder to myself why I didn't just buy the little pills instead.

Anyway. I'm not addicted to Nyquil. Just to get that out there.

I also took the day off work today, and spent the majority of my day sitting around the apartment, looking a lot like this.

Bailey's got it down.

I found out from PAWsome Cats about this "Game for Cats" app for my iPad, and I downloaded it. It's basically like a laser pointer for your cat that doesn't involve you doing anything. So I've also spent a good part of my day watching Bailey do this.

Quite entertaining.


  1. that is definitely worth being home for! sorry you have to be sick to enable you to do that though. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hi, I hope u feel better. {{{luv}}}