Tuesday, September 27, 2011



Nick got me an iPad for my birthday (what a wonderful boyfriend), and needless to say, I have basically not put it down since I took it out of the box yesterday after it arrived. I also haven't touched my battery-rejecting laptop in about 36 hours.

Nor have I slept. Almost. I am sad to say that is hardly an exaggeration. But I'm okay with that.

Unfortunately blogging isn't the most convenient thing to do on the iPad, but since it's my first few days with it, of course I had to give a try. So this post might look a little weird because it seems like all the formatting options are gone in Blogger on the iPad. But whatever. Please forgive me for one day.

I have downloaded no less than 10 apps already, between games and other just random stuff. I found out last night that there was a Kindle app that let's you sync up with an actual Kindle, so now I'm just bumming off books on Nick's Kindle and reading them. He's okay with it.

And since this post is kind of boring since it's just me talking about using an iPad, here are some pictures of Bailey. She feels as excited about the iPad as you probably do.

Whoa. Something new. Can I smell it?

Meh. I don't care enough to get up.

I imagine that is the exact progression of your expression as you read this blog post.

Oh, I also ate (part) of one of these cream puffs tonight. It was about the size of my head in its entirety.

Good night!

Update: I had to use Nick's laptop to fix the formatting in this post because it came out extremly weird on the iPad and I couldn't handle it. Hopefully I figure out how to use this BlogPress app better, otherwise I just wasted $2.99.


  1. everything looks great to me! Especially the cream puffs! OMG!!!!!

    Enjoy your new iPad! Bailey is just adorable! I love that kitty!

  2. Thanks! I'm still trying to get the hang of it...but it's getting there! Haha, Bailey definitely likes the attention! :)

  3. Oh, you have to download "Game for Cats"! Bailey will love it!!!

  4. I can't even begin to describe how amused Bailey is by this game...thanks for the tip!