Friday, September 23, 2011

Dessert Friday #12

I should really just call it Dessert Week, considering the amount of desserts I've consumed starting Wednesday.

Yes, Wednesday was my birthday. In case you missed it.

My wonderful work friends made me copious amounts of homemade baked goods. It started off well with Eileen's fantastic red velvet cupcakes.

They were delicious. Recipe from Paula Deen, according to Eileen. And yes, I requested red velvet. Duh, did you expect anything else? And there was more than a generous amount of frosting on it, because Eileen and I share a similar love for frosting. Also, I had two. Because cake on your birthday has zero calories.

And then today Jessie brought in lemon bars. Another one of my favorite desserts.

See the empty spaces? It started out with two layers. I'd made my way through four pieces by this point (THEY WERE SMALL). I ended up eating five by the end of the day ad left work in a sugar coma. Totally worth it. Again, zero calories, because it was for my birthday.

And Joanna took me out to Starbucks! Great week. Sugar, sugar, and caffeine. I don't feel like the fat kid or anything here. Nope.

Don't think I copped out on Dessert Friday either. I picked up a couple of red velvet cupcakes (should I be worried at this point about the amount of red food coloring I've consumed by now?) from Macy's after work, since Nick had to stay late. I also might have gotten distracted in Macy's and bought an apple-shaped Martha Stewart cutting board that is absolutely adorable. Side note.

I actually almost didn't pick up dessert for the afternoon (I know, what blasphemy), but encouragement from Joanna had me deciding against taking a rain check for more cake.

And thank goodness I got cake, because I came home to:
  1. A "We missed you!" slip from FedEx for a package I'd been waiting for, even though I've left FedEx countless notes saying to just ring my neighbors' doorbells so they can drop the package inside. I don't understand why FedEx doesn't pick up on the consistency of this, while UPS has no issues with it.
  2. A "We missed you!" slip from People's Gas taped on my door, saying that our gas had been shut off due to repairs and because no one was home, they couldn't turn it back on. Huh? Thanks People's Gas, I was hoping to come home to a useless stove tonight. The entire night I kept thinking things like "Oh I'll just make pasta, that's easy, I don't need gas for that....oh wait...." or "Boxed mac and cheese! Easy peasy! Don't need gas for that....oh wait." And apparently their response to all of this is "Oh we'll send out a technician, he'll be there sometime in the next 8 hours." Uh...really? Sure, I'll just drop everything I had for Friday night and wait for the gas person to show up. Which I did not do. So now the gas person is coming at 7am tomorrow, apparently. But whatever. I'll be up anyway, because a certain furball will want her wet food.

    End rant. I promise only rainbows and sunshine from here on.
So after that ordeal on the phone, I poured myself a drink.

Rum & Coke. And cupcake.
That doesn't make me sound like an alcoholic at all...

And then I had my cake.

Can I just take a minute here to admire that frosting? How MUCH of it there is? It actually has the amount of frosting a Crumbs cupcake promises to have, but doesn't.

Bailey's taken to sitting next to my chair behind me when I eat at the table, I guess hoping I'll drop something. Who knows.

Not a chance, especially given this cake had insane amounts of sugar in it (which I clearly needed more of, after my five lemon bars and all).

Hello there. I'm just sitting here. Playing with my toy. Not waiting for food.
She's really learned how to turn on the pout now too, if we don't give her anything.

I'm standing my ground here. Don't really want another cereal bowl incident.


  1. this was BEYOND adorable!!!

    I DID miss your birthday so belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It sounds as if it was as "sweet as sugar!" lol!!!

    Thanks for telling me that "cake on your birthday is zero calories" my birthday is in October and I just lost 44.6 lbs (but who's counting? lol) this past year w/Weight Watcher's and now I can have cake on my birthday cause of YOU! :)

    Or lemon bars...I share your passion for them and of course my cat can watch me eat it because I have a passion for him too!

    Have a fabulous birthday weekend!

  2. That is amazing! I'm so glad I helped convince you to have cake on your birthday, you definitely deserve it!

    And thank you! My weekend has been great. :)