Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Burgers + Cookies

Fargo is filled with food, puppies, and dessert. And Bailey, of course.

Tonight Nick and I made these poblano pepper burgers. We started cooking at 4:30pm and ate dinner around 7:30pm, because apparently the princess poblano peppers are very finicky and take forever to deal with. It was worth it.

Burger! Corn! Yum!
There was also wine.

And wine Slurpees. Yeah, I hadn't heard of them either, until now. And now I wonder how I haven't heard of them earlier.

It's literally like a Slurpee, made with wine. Insanely good. Gone in five minutes.

Sam and Katelyn made cookies for dessert. Also insanely good. Chocolate chips + pretzels.

I might have eaten six. Maybe seven.

Bailey stuck her little nose into the kitchen when all the cooking was happening.

Hey guys Bailey is here. Feed me please.
She mostly spends her days on the lookout for puppies.

Creeper cat is creepin'.
The puppies sleep and sit around a lot.

Tired Huck.
And they get taken on walks.

When they aren't looking, Bailey drinks from their water bowl. Because you know, her own isn't good enough.

Big kid water bowl!
So, in summary:
  • Animals are funny
  • There is food here
  • I have gained 10 pounds since Saturday, despite doing more yoga in the past three days than I did all last week
  • Vacation is great


  1. Yum the burger looks delicious! I was waiting for the recipe :)

    Bailey is just like my Cody, Cody will ONLY drink out of his Sheltie brother's water bowl, what is with cats doing that?

    You ate six or seven cookies? You lucky girl, I would have put on 10 lbs in one night!

  2. Haha, I have no idea why Bailey loves the dog bowl...so strange!

    The recipe for the burgers is linked in the post, here it is:


    Thanks for stopping by!