Monday, September 12, 2011

Dessert Friday #10

I know it's a ridiculously late Dessert Friday post. Is it Monday already? Yes, because I was back at work today instead of still doing whatever I wanted to in Fargo. Yes, I'm pouting.

Don't worry though. We held on to the Dessert Friday tradition. It was Katelyn's birthday this past Saturday, and my birthday coming up (next Wednesday the 21st, if you're, let me hand you a pen and paper so you can jot that date down), so Sam and I made black bottom cupcakes for everyone to eat on our last night in Fargo (we drove back on Saturday).

Not enough cream cheese.
And because I'm...well, me, I decided that we should put cream cheese frosting on all of them (and seriously, that is the best and easiest cream cheese frosting I've ever made). And since we were celebrating two birthdays, might as well go ahead and label each cupcake with an initial for everyone there. Including the puppies and Bailey.

I love frosting (noun and verb).
Except the pets didn't actually get to eat their labeled cupcakes.

The humans took care of that.

One (or two or three) for everyone!
Huckleberry might have been annoyed that he didn't get one.

What about me?
Bailey spent the last day in Fargo being an absolute couch (bed?) potato when she was in our room, and a wild animal when she was in any other part of the house.

Leave me alooooone.
I don't have a picture of her being crazy because they all consist of a blurry blob that is her sprinting around. Sorry.

We drove back to Chicago on Saturday (POUT). Bailey was quite the angel this car ride. We perched her crate on top of some bags in the back seat, and she voluntarily got into it and slept basically the entire ride.

I swear this is comfy once I get adjusted in it.
Yeah, her face might be smashed up against the side there. She took a few minutes to get comfortable.

I think she's been a little depressed since she got back. Yesterday she slept the entire day (no joke), and looked incredibly grumpy whenever Nick or I did something as ridiculous as try to walk in the apartment. Princess Bailey seems to miss her critter friends (even though she was a snob at times).

Murrrrr. Let's go back to Fargo.
I'm with you, Bay. Let's go back to being on vacation.