Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cave Kitten

Last night we went to bed super late (well, much later than we would have liked) because a certain kitten had nestled herself under Nick's legs on the bed and decided to camp out there.

At first it was fine, she was just sitting next to me.

Hmmm what's over there?
Nick's legs propped up under the blanket was what was over there. She went ahead and settled into the blanket cave.

Oh hey. Please don't kick me out.
And when we showed no signs of wanting her to leave, she got a little more comfortable.

Hello I'll just lie down here.
And then even more comfortable.

Alright it's bedtime.
Yup. We stayed up 40 minutes later than planned because of that. The things we do for that cat...

In other news, I found a yoga studio ONLY A FEW BLOCKS FROM WHERE I LIVE! I have no idea how I missed this before, because I've been hoping for a yoga studio close by for...oh, forever. And I found one today! And it's super nice! As far as I know, best discovery ever. Just wanted to get that out there.


  1. Blankie is full of win! :) And so are U. :) {{{Kitteh}}}

  2. I have been known to sleep on the edge of the bed the entire night just to give the cat room!

  3. Thanks Keisha!

    Caren and Cody, I've definitely done that too. I'll wake up in the middle of the night afraid to move because kitten's sleeping between my legs. So uncomfortable! The lengths we go to...