Saturday, September 3, 2011

Road Trip!

About a Kitten is being featured on Pet Blogs United all week this week! Thanks to Pam and Oskar at PBU for featuring Bailey, and thanks to everyone who's come and visited the blog!

Katelyn, Nick, Bailey and I spent about 12 hours today driving from Chicago to Fargo.

Adventurous kitten is on the lookout
Sadly that was about as adventurous as Bailey got during the car ride today. Nick and I made the exact same trip last year, and she was completely fine, but she was quite nervous today and spent most of the time curled up next to her litter box. Although she did eat a little bit and even go to the bathroom at one point.

Who, me? Nervous?
Okay I will stay right here.
Otherwise the road trip went pretty smoothly. We never hit any serious traffic, and we got to meet up with a friend in Madison, WI for breakfast, which made the trip seem shorter.

Minnesota provided for some nice scenery along the way.

Somewhere in Minnesota.
And now we're in Fargo! Vacation time! There are three puppies here and I will most likely take no less than 9000 pictures of them this coming week.

Now it's bedtime because I'm exhausted. For the lack of Daily Artsy today, I will have TWO (or more) tomorrow.


  1. I like the pikshers. I wish I could go there. :)

  2. what a cutie pie...looks alot like our Smokey...

  3. Wow, Bailey seems like a very good kitty on the ride. Anytime out kitties have to go anywhere they scream their heads off!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. We found you through Pet Blogs United! Oh, Bailey has such beautiful markings! We like car rides, especially Rue, who looks out the closed window to stare at the sceneries passing by! :)