Thursday, September 8, 2011


Vacation is quickly coming to an end (boooo) so I'm making good use of my days by doing nothing and sitting around.

Just as you should do on vacation.

Sam and I made a couple of pizzas for dinner tonight. It was a fine showing of improv cooking. We used the same crust recipe I used before here.

Caprese pizza ingredients
Base for BBQ chicken pizza!
We ended up making a BBQ chicken and a mozzarella, tomato, and basil pizza. Both were delicious.

Me and Sam. We cooked.
And of course I'm also spending my time playing with puppies.

Tug of war with Badger:

It's okay, he won eventually. And happily so.

The toy is mine.
Hello let's play again.
He also spent about 30 minutes trying to swim in his water bowl. He has a special lid on it because he always makes a mess when he drinks, but he found a way around it.

This is in my way.
I'll just move this to the side.
Bailey spent the day prancing around and judging the puppies.

What are those hooligan animals?
She's such a snob sometimes.


  1. your pizza looks absolutely delicious!!!

    Badger is adorable and he and that water dish cracked me up!

    Bailey is completely above it all! Why? That's how cats roll! :)

  2. Those pizzas look yummy and the kitties that live here look at me that way too. Snobs.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Bailey was quite judgmental! I think deep down she misses her critter friends though, she's been moping ever since we got back to Chicago!