Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Hail

I've lived in Chicago most of my life, and have had my share of crazy weather (uh, when it dropped from mid-70's to, like, mid-40's in the same day? What was up with that? I wore a dress to work and froze on my way home). But last Thursday, we got some nice hail around 9pm. In 80-degree weather. I'm not even sure how that works. This is a picture of the actual hail in Chicago that night (I didn't take it, someone posted it online):

I was actually a little nervous that my windows were going to crack from it. I think they were about the size of a penny. Maybe a quarter in some areas.

Bailey was NOT a fan of it either. She was all comfortable and lazy when the hail started attacking the windows.

When she realized that simply lifting her head off the couch was not a solution to making the noise stop, she had to check out what the heck was going on outside (what was disturbing her slumber, you might say).

I think she was pretty confused about everything. But she's one tough little kitten (so she thinks) and was pretty determined to fend off whatever attack was occurring.

She wasn't afraid of the hail or anything (because she's tough, you see). Although it did make her a little crazy.

Yes, she's one tough kitten. I'm so glad she's here protecting the apartment. There isn't anything her five pounds of fury can't stop.


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