Friday, July 15, 2011

Dessert Friday #2

Holy cupcake.

Nick got cupcakes from Cupcake Counter today, and I guess since last week he literally watched someone in front of him in line pick up the last of the red velvet cupcakes, he felt deprived and went all out this week. He got us four red velvet cupcakes.

So naturally, we each had a cupcake before dinner and then one after.

Round 1
Bailey really, really wanted some cupcakes. I used to yell at her when she tried to jump on our chairs while we were eating, and she's usually very good now about not even showing any interest in our food. But I guess she realized how good the cupcakes were, because she sat about two feet away from us the entire time and just stared.

No, she did not get any licks of the frosting, because 1) that is by far my favorite part, and 2) sugar makes her an absolute nutjob.

I don't even remember what I ate for dinner because all I cared about were the cupcakes.

Round 2
:D :D
And once again Bailey eyed us from two feet away.

I was sitting on the couch as I ate my second cupcake, and eventually Bailey couldn't stand being so far away anymore, so she opted to hop on the couch and plop down right behind me and pout, because I didn't give her anything.

And now there are no more cupcakes.

Bailey is very upset about this. She tried punching me.

It's probably good that there aren't any left, because I'm having a major sugar crash right now and would really really like some water. Except that I'm too lazy and tired to get up from my couch (yes, where I have been sitting since I ate that second cupcake) to get myself some water. And Nick isn't home.


The cupcakes were seriously delicious though. Smaller than the Crumbs cupcakes, but it made for a better frosting-cake ratio. I still think there could have been more frosting, but at this point I really think it's just me being addicted to frosting. I would really just prefer frosting in a cup topped with a sliver of cake. That would be ideal.

And now I'm really thirsty, so I'm off to roll myself into the kitchen and get some water.

Did I mention that I love Fridays?


  1. The cupcakes look great & the kitty is adorable!

    Nubbin wiggles,