Friday, July 22, 2011

Dessert Friday #3

More cupcakes!!!

Which is funnily enough the name of the place we got them from today.

The label continued down one side of the carton, and I agreed with every single word on it.

Especially "need more." Yes.

The cupcakes were decadent. For real.

And the frosting-cake ratio was right up my alley. It looked like a Crumbs cupcake, but instead of being a total fake out and not having nearly as much frosting as it looked, these cupcakes actually had their expected amount of frosting.

:D :D :D
I think this is the best cupcake we've had so far. The frosting was SO good.

I've also been holding on to a Groupon for some frozen yogurt for about a month now. Despite the stifling heat and the fact that every week we say we're going to get ice cream, I end up deciding on cupcakes instead. Oh well. Someday.

Okay, I might have been a little mean to Bailey when we were eating cupcakes. She kept just staring up at me and her little nose was twitching because she was desperately sniffing the cupcake-scented air. So I might have tricked her into thinking I was going to give her some licks.

The look on her face when she realized there wasn't a trace of cupcake or frosting on my finger was one of pure disappointment.

And then she tried to coax Nick into sharing.

Which he didn't...because he was already done with his cupcake.

But don't worry. We weren't that evil. I gave Bailey a little kitten treat, and Nick also had a yogurt afterwards which she got a couple licks of.

She's got a vet appointment tomorrow for a couple of shots...she's probably already mentally and physically prepared for the fight against going into her carrier.


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