Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sleepy Faces of Bailey

Picture-heavy post coming. If you don't like pictures of kittens you should probably read something else.

And get yourself checked out, cause who doesn't like pictures of kittens?

Bailey likes to sleep. A lot. Well, more when she was younger, but still a decent amount now. And she sleeps in really strange positions. Sometimes I can't even imagine it's comfortable, but it seems to work for her.

For instance.

I don't know about this. If I slept like this, my head would probably explode. I can tell you that she genuinely stayed like this for about 40 minutes, until she woke up. And miraculously she was fine.

And then there were the strange but cute positions. That were still questionable in comfort level.

I was honestly wondering if she could breathe comfortably.

She squirmed around for about 10 minutes but eventually settled on this position.

I don't even know. But she was asleep.

We drove to Fargo last summer. It was a long car ride, but I love road trips. Random fact. We brought Bailey along, and she dealt with the car ride surprisingly well. Really well. She just basically slept the entire time. Her litter box took up maybe a fourth of the backseat, but otherwise she had the entire back half of the car to herself. And this is how she chose to sleep.

She chose to sleep with her head almost inside her litter box rather than her bed.

Litter box: 1. Bed: 0.

She did eventually slept on her bed, which was on my lap. Still not comfortably, based on my obvious expert opinion.

And yes, she was embarrassed about the pillow marks on her face when she woke up. At least I imagined there were pillow marks. And that she was embarassed.

I can't say Bailey slept in strange positions once in Fargo, but she did sleep in strange places.

Like ON THE DINING ROOM TABLE once. I don't have a picture of that, because I was too busy shooing her off the table.

Or the laundry basket.

She was in there for an entire movie before we realized where she was. I guess it's a good thing she was tired, because she has this really strange obsession with clothes tags. She probably would've ripped all the tags off with all of her 3 pounds of fury if she was hyped up.

Sometimes, she sleeps in ways that make me feel like she took a few sips of the wine I pour myself after work.

Maybe she did. I wouldn't put it past her to do something like that.

I try to make spots she sleeps in more comfortable. Like putting a blanket there or something, so she'd have something to snuggle up in. I guess she thinks differently than I do.

Complete aversion to intended comfort boost. Pfft. Whatever. I took that blanket back.

Because she clearly didn't appreciate it.

When Bailey was a baby, if she wasn't sleeping, she was hyper. Like, the happiest, bounciest kitten ever. Zest for life in general, you can say. If we accidentally woke her up from a nap, she'd be all

Now, at almost 1 year old, it's a different story. Now, if we ever, ever, disturb Princess Bailey during one of her naps, she's like

I swear, she made her ear like that all on her own. And passed out again with it just like that.

I guess I could say I'm happy she's mellowing out. She could be less of a grumper though.