Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Superstar Bailey!

We have a little star on our hands!

Please, you're embarrassing me.

A couple weeks ago, I submitted a photo of Bailey to this Temptations (cat treat) cat photo contest being held by Thoughts Fur Paws. And Bailey won! She came in first place with almost 100 votes!

Yaaaaay Bailey!

Also this just proves her cuteness. Numbers don't lie.

Thanks to Jaime at Thoughts Fur Paws and Temptations for holding the contest and thanks to everyone who voted (if you so happen to be reading this)!

The prize includes two bags of Temptations treats as well as some toys, which is good, because right now four out of the six toys Joanna gave Bailey are either under the couch (too lazy to check) or just missing forever. So she could use a stock refresh.

And here is the winning photo!

Yep, that's her, passed out on my notes back last summer when I was writing my master's thesis. Bein' all cute. :-)

And clearly Bailey is very excited about all of this.

Yeah. We already knew I'm cute. Get back to me when the treats arrive.

She has no idea what's going on. All she knows is that I've been cooing at her more than usual today. And that for some reason she's gotten a couple more treats than she usually gets.


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