Monday, July 25, 2011

Ice Cubes

And the heat continues. Although today it was only mid-80s! That really is something to celebrate.

And reason enough to put in box fans at both ends of the apartment, because it's probably about 90 degrees inside the apartment right now.

Today we got CUPCAKES at work. I don't know why. I just know that I walked into the kitchen and there was a box of cupcakes randomly sitting on the table, which means they're up for grabs (but really, I didn't steal food from anyone). So I grabbed.

I don't even know what flavor it was. But it was good.

I had some salmon for dinner (which cost me an arm and a leg at the dumb super expensive grocery store next to us). I got a little bit of the fishy olive oil on my finger, and let Bailey lick it off. She LOVED it. She basically gnawed my finger off.

When it gets really warm, we'll sometimes put an ice cube in Bailey's water bowl. I normally really don't like giving her ice cubes, because for some reason she's obsessed with trying to get it out of her bowl, and ends up splashing all over the place.

She really loves her ice cubes, though.

She'll start by trying to pounce on it.

And then she'll have a few licks.

And then she starts to get sneaky, and tries to hide from her water bowl before attacking the ice cube.

But after she's spent five minutes hiding (I would like to remind you here that it's about 90 degrees in our apartment), the ice cube is almost completely melted.

And this is when she pokes her paw into the water bowl and tries to get the tiny bit of ice left out of the bowl, and gets annoyed because her paw gets wet (I'm not really sure what she expects would happen if she stuck her paw into water). This is also when puddles are made all over my kitchen floor.

So then she just leaves in a huff and acts like she doesn't care.

But really, she does care. Because she'll spend about ten minutes after this just sitting and glaring at her water bowl.

Even so, she loves ice cubes. I can't get ice from the freezer without her sprinting from wherever she is (even if she's napping) into the kitchen and staring at me until I give her one too. And then this entire situation repeats itself.

At least the ice cube might cool her down a little.


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