Monday, July 11, 2011

Peanut Butter!

It is still really warm. A little uncomfortable, but I spend the majority of my evenings sitting on my couch with very little physical movement involved, so it's not too bad.

It's actually nice sometimes, because it's very easy to tire Bailey out now. She was all intrigued earlier by this feather I found that had fallen off one of her toys.

It took probably only about three minutes of her running around after the feather to give up on chasing it. And then I had some fun, because she was too tired to deal with me being annoying really cool.

Normally she'd go nuts over whatever's on her head (not that I've put her other toys there before...) but she just sat there for a few minutes tonight. Too warm. And finally she gave up altogether.

Poor little furball. She was definitely a puddle cat tonight.

Despite the heat, I roasted peanuts tonight (it is approximately 836 degrees in my kitchen right now from my oven) make peanut butter! That is, white chocolate peanut butter from How Sweet It Is. YUM. Nick got this food processor for his birthday, a gift idea that came after our previous blender had a (literal) meltdown when I tried to make Oreo crumbs (okay, I don't really know what I was thinking, but in my defense, the blender was at least 15 years old).

This food processor is magical.

Churning peanuts

The peanut butter itself didn't taste all that great before the chocolate (duh).

Churned peanuts

It didn't dawn on me that I didn't have a jar to house this peanut butter in until after I was done making it. Oops. Luckily I just finished a jar of Skippy yesterday, so my chocolate peanut butter had a home.

This will probably be gone in two days.

Also, I wish I put more chocolate in it.

I might as well just process up some white chocolate chips by themselves next time. Maybe put in five peanuts. At most.



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