Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Life Goals

The earlybird 5:30am wake-up may have slowly turned into 5:40am...and 5:45am today. But I'm still going strong! Well, I'm still going, which I consider pretty good, if I do say so myself. Can't really say the same for Nick yesterday, when he was basically just doing this (no, we do not have our Christmas tree up in June, nor do we live in this lovely house; I didn't take this picture):

Stole this picture from Katelyn! Thanks for having a high-quality pic of Nick sleeping.

Yes, he failed to get up on a scheduled morning of exercise. I gloated. Just a little bit. Point for me.

Today, a friend of mine at work told me about an American Mastiff that her aunt has. I didn't know about this breed until today, and after looking it up on Wikipedia, I want this dog. Are you kidding, it is calm, quiet, loyal, and protective? AND it does well living in apartments? AND all it needs is basically a walk a day as exercise? Uh, hello? This is my DREAM PET.

It does get a little, potentially 200 pounds or something. That's okay. I like big dogs (although this one is probably the size of a small lion). And okay, maybe Bailey was scared of Nick's parents' 60-pound golden retriever, and yeah, maybe that was the only dog of the 3 there that she was still scared of after an entire week, but she'd totally get used to a 200-pound American Mastiff, right? They'd be best buds after awhile.

And yes, that is exactly how I imagine Bailey would react to this gigantic puppy, although she would probably in reality look even smaller on the back of an American Mastiff.

An American Mastiff who will be a boy puppy. And whose name will be Charlie. I haven't given this a lot of thought or anything.

Sadly Nick refuses to get a puppy until one or both of us can work from home (or at least will have a job that allows us to run home every hour...does anyone know if this kind of job exists? If so, can you refer me?) so the puppy won't be sad and lonely. I want a puppy. So I have come up with some new life goals.

Yayan's New Life Goals
  1. Convince Nick we should get a puppy. Like, by tomorrow. An American Mastiff, possibly. Although I'm going to adopt when (yes, when, not if) I get a puppy so it will most likely be a mix. But that's okay. Maybe someone somewhere gave up a purebred American Mastiff for adoption.

    We can hire a dog walker, right?

  2. Convince my current job to let me work from home. Or, find a new job where I can work from home. All the time. This way I will be home all the time and there is no excuse for Nick to deny me a puppy.

  3. Make this blog so insanely popular that I can live off it (I don't even know how that works, can I get like a penny for every visitor to the blog or something?). But I know there are people who basically blog as their job (professional bloggers?), and that sounds great. If I could do that, then I'd have both Bailey and Charlie as sources of entertainment. More animals = more fun = more stories to blog about. Everyone wins!
So, dear reader, help me out. I deserve a puppy, right?!


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  1. hahahaaaa I'm around for at least another year. OH HAI DOG WALKER/DAY TIME PUPPY CARE TAKER. I'll do work on the couch and frolick with Charlie and Bailey. Problem solved! Nick can thank me later.