Thursday, July 7, 2011


I copped out today. Earlybird FAIL. Nick, you may now gloat.

Well, I still got up at 6:30am to shower, but I didn't go for my scheduled 2-mile run. After the pilates death workout yesterday morning and my beach volleyball game in the evening, I woke up today feeling like a rock. So Friday rest day turned into Thursday rest day, and tomorrow (hopefully) I'll have a nice run. If my legs stop feeling like they each weigh about 100 pounds.

I got a nice surprise at work today! The other day, I was talking complaining to my coworker, Joanna, about how Bailey loses all her toys if we leave them out for her to play with unsupervised. Seriously...our apartment isn't that big, but there are toys that I've just given up hope on ever seeing the light of day again. I told Joanna that I don't buy Bailey toys because I know she'll just lose them.

Joanna is clearly a better person than I am, because she says her cat has hundreds of toys, and mentioned that she'd bring some in for Bailey. And today she did! She brought six new toys (!!!), which I kept on my desk all day and which provided a nice catnip odor.

Bailey LOVES the new toys. She was a little wary of them at first (I basically threw them all on the couch at once as soon as I got home), but it didn't take her long to get into it.

I think her favorites were these long ones that were filled with catnip (the main source of the smell now in my cubicle). She went a little crazy for them.

And she kept wanting to play with everything, but didn't know how to divide her time up between the toys. Eventually she just ended up laying down on most of them.

And some live action videos!

She loves sniffing the feathers on this one:

And again with the catnip...

Thanks, Joanna!!! Bailey loves you!


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