Friday, March 11, 2011

Study Buddy

This past summer, I had to write my master's thesis. That meant a lot of time in front of a computer, a lot of note-taking, and a lot of reading. And thinking. Not quite the dream summer.

But then I got Bailey. She certainly made things interesting.

There was this game she liked to play. It involved leaping from the bed, which was about 3 feet behind where I sat at the desk, onto my back, and clinging on while trying to battle my hair. Because clearly it was a toy. She probably only weighed about 2 pounds at this point, but don't be fooled. She had claws like tiny little blades of fury.

I didn't enjoy this game as much as she did. In fact the game usually ended by me yelping in pain and then reprimanding her. She wasn't such a big fan of it afterwards. Princess Bailey hates being yelled at.

So then she decided to get my attention a little more subtly. She would walk all over the desk. Which I was fine with, because she was happy and she was cute and I was not in any physical pain this way. And sometimes when she saw me trying to think, she would help me.

Her thinking didn't really work out. Ever. Because this would inevitably end with her just passing out, on my desk. On my notes. And I guess because she didn't want to work anymore, she didn't want me to work anymore.

I guess she decided this wasn't enough of a distraction for me. Like I was getting a lot done anyway, with a kitten on my desk. Because after a while she decided to just use my notebook as more than just her pillow. It was like...a cushion. Kind of.

I didn't want to bother her by moving my notes out from under her. But it was okay. I didn't need my notes...I could just do other related work on my computer.

I underestimated Bailey's intelligence. She decided she'd limit my capability to work that way as well.

And I put up with that. Because I could just read some textbooks instead of looking at my notes or working on my computer. Fine. Whatever. However, Bailey had a solution for that as well.

I guess technically, I could have kept reading my book. But come on. Would you have kept working? At that point I would just give up. Save work for another day. But Bailey wanted to remind me of her cuteness. I guess as a warning for what was in store the next day.

She probably delayed me from finishing my thesis by about a week or so. Most likely because half the time I was running for the camera and taking these pictures.

The other half of the time I was running to get her treats to reward her for being cute.

P.S. Recently I found out the difference to following a blog vs. subscribing to a blog. If you're reading this, you should subscribe to my blog. There's a "Subscribe To" box on the right side of this page. Towards the top. How convenient. That way you can get email notifications of new posts! Yay!

But if you don't want to do that, you should follow it. You won't get email notifications but you will show up in the Followers box. How great.

Or you could be awesome and do both.

I'm sorry, doing neither is not an option.


  1. This blog really hit home, especially when I have a princess Meesha, who doesn't like when mommy works either...she is a few years older but her personality has never changed and hopefully it never will. Cats are the best, they keep you grounded and living in the moment.

  2. Where did you adopt her from? She looks so much like my Leia.

  3. MTater: Bailey hasn't changed at all! She'll still come and try to get my attention if I'm on my laptop.

    Lauren: I got her from a rescue group in one of Chicago's suburbs. They're called Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue, I believe. They were great, made adopting her really simple.

  4. hahaha awww, that's adorable.