Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The World of DSLRs

I splurged (seriously).

I got a DSLR. A Canon EOS Rebel XS, to be exact. Because 1) it was a mad good deal, and 2) my friend has one and I'm obsessed with it.

She was at our place for dinner last weekend, and I wound up taking about a hundred pictures on her camera.

The food was good. We originally wanted it to be a BBQ, but since none of us had a grill, it turned more into a Panini Press Party.

There was beer. And grapes. And paninis.
There was, at one point, wine.
And cake! Yum.
Due to the plethora of lunch meat and cheese on my kitchen counter, we closed Bailey in the dining room while we were eating outside on the back porch. She was not so happy about this, and since one of the dining room windows looks out onto the back porch, she made sure to let us know of her discontent.

Hey guys what are you doing?
Oh I see. I don't get any. Thanks.

Pretty nice pictures, right? All taken with my friend's DSLR. And now I have one. I have entered the world of DSLRs. Sadly the battery is charging so I haven't taken any quality pictures yet. Soon though. So soon.

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