Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I've been feeling uncharacteristically tired recently. Monday after work I went and got a mani/pedi and kind of dozed off during the pedi part, and almost kicked the lady who was working in the face from a muscle spasm. Oops. Yesterday I left work two and a half hours early because I was basically falling asleep at my desk and had a nagging headache, went home and plopped down on my bed and watched...four straight episodes of Gossip Girl between dozing off and chugging Emergen-C.

Don't judge me.

Recap of my weekend:
  • I finally saw Harry Potter 7 Part 2. It was fine. I'm not obsessed with it and I didn't hate it.

  • I went to the beach to make up for the failed beach outing last week. It was gorgeous weather this past Sunday, not a single cloud but not so hot that you could see heat waves on the surface of the sand. I give you...

    The Daily Artsy. From the beach.

  • Bailey spent the entire day being fascinated by the sunlight on the ground. No joke.

    What is this?!
    Umm, okay.

  • And then she took up room in the papasan.

    Okay naptime now.
    She uses that chair more than I do. I essentially spent $150 on a cat bed. Super.
And I don't remember what else I did, so it must not have been very important or interesting.

Today I felt a little less tired, after my 9.5 hours of sleep last night. I was dragging a little until...I got to play hairdresser.

Oh yes. A friend of mine at work mentioned that he cut his own hair, recommended clippers, and Nick was inspired to do the same. This entire set (the clippers, about 500 guide combs, scissors, some stuff I haven't identified or figured out how to use) cost around $25, which is a few bucks more than what Nick pays for a single haircut.

If all else fails in my life, I'll become a barber.

Also it was really amusing midway through, when I basically gave Nick a bowl cut (it was not my fault, the instructions said work from the bottom up).

See the puff of hair at the top? Hahahaha.
I have a picture from a better angle. He won't let me put it up. Booooo.

But the end result was pretty darn good.

And then my bathtub looked like this.

He has a surprising amount of hair...

Bailey spent most of the evening being annoyed that she never got a part of our dinner.

PLEASE, just a TINY bit!
But it's okay, because in the 30 minutes that we were eating dinner, she wandered around and ate food from her bowl no less than FOUR times.

NOMMM (Round 4)
What a fatty.

Excuse me. What did you just say?
Just kidding.

She spent the rest of the evening being terrified of sound of the clippers.

And now the exhilaration of using clippers has worn off and I am exhausted. Time for bed.


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