Friday, August 19, 2011

Dessert Friday #7

Magic Bars. I'm absurd about sweets, but I can't justify spending money on cupcakes when I have about 8 servings of magic bars sitting in my fridge. I heated mine up and had it with ice cream.

And with that, I think I might have another's only 11:45pm. Midnight snack.

We went to see Cirque du Soleil Ovo tonight, and it was spectacular.

I wasn't sure exactly what it would be like, but I'd never heard anything bad about it, so when a Groupon deal for tickets came out, I convinced Nick to go. Acrobatics, dancing, comedy, it had it all. We had a fantastic time. Go see it.

Sadly photography wasn't allowed during the show, but I got a shot of the stage at the beginning.

Our seats were pretty good, a bit to the right from the center of the stage, but still a great view and I could see everything.

During the intermission we were looking at the souvenir trinkets, which were all pretty expensive (for what they were). However, I found these adorable plates that must have been on sale or something, and it was mix and match four plates for only $20. There were big ones and small ones, so I just got two big and two small since the designs were different.

Look how pretty!

Bailey's still working on the whole not expecting food when we eat it thing. She came over all hopeful when I sat down on the couch.

Do you have something for me???
No Bailey. I do not.

It's a work in progress.

And the Daily Artsy!

A trinket thing on my work desk. I keep myself amused.


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