Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going Retro


It seems that I've found a new addiction.

I downloaded this Retro Camera app for my phone, which lets you put all these effects on the pictures you take (like Polaroid, etc.). I have been playing with this since yesterday afternoon.

And I feel so damn artsy.


This is ART.

I ate this. It was good.

I drank this. It woke me up. Kind of.

I wore this. I should advertise for this watch.

This picture really creeps me out for some reason. But it's so artsy I couldn't resist.

Don't think Bailey escaped any of this.

Did you want me to pose?

Do I look good?

Alright. I'm still working on the Bailey pictures. The only downside is that the app doesn't use the built-in flash on my phone, so unless the subject is in direct sunlight (or the glaring fluorescent bulbs of my office building), everything gets a little dark.

Which might make it more artsy. I don't know.

You can expect tons of pictures like these for a while. This is way too much fun. How am I ever going to use a regular camera again?!


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