Friday, August 26, 2011

Dessert Friday #8

Was actually enjoyed on a boat out on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Nick's company reserved one of those Chicago architectural tour boats tonight, and I got to go. I was a bit worried Dessert Friday was going to have to turn into Booze Friday (I knew drinks were involved but was unsure about food), but they had adorable (and delicious) cupcakes on board.

Red Velvet! My favorite!

I may have gotten seconds. And some other stuff.

No, those are not strawberries on steroids. That's a mini cupcake (so it's okay that I ate two) and a slider. Teeny portions.

Multiple, teeny portions. It's all good.

The cruise was fun and the weather was great. All photos were taken with my phone, so quality is not guaranteed.

I forget what the water cannon was for. Something historical. They didn't just want to water the river.
Blue skies!
And I even snagged a Daily Artsy picture.

Story of Chicago, 6 months of the year.
Construction: ruining the skyline, making me look artsy.

Bailey was kind of emo when we got back. I think she was upset we were home a little later than usual.

Do you guys even love me?
Yes we do Bay, but what's with that lump of fat on her front leg hanging off the windowsill? Do I need to cut back on the wet food here?


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