Monday, August 8, 2011

Rained Out

Yesterday had flashes of promising cooler weather, because you'd think that after it rained, things would cool down a bit. False. Nick and I went on a run after a slight downpour, and the temperature must have increased by at least ten degrees from the beginning of our not very long run to the end. Hot and humid. Clearly ideal running conditions.

Bailey spent the day flopping around on our couches.

How do you expect me to live like this?
Eventually she gave up on life and passed out.

My mom's work had a sailing party last night and she invited me to tag along, so despite the heat, I spent about 3 hours baking massive quantities of giant rainbow cookies, which I can now call "rainbow" because I actually made them with M&Ms.

They were really good, although the party itself got a little rained out. And by that mean...we camped out at the dock for 40 minutes at the beginning to dodge a storm, then it started pouring, so all 30 or so of us had to go under the deck into the cabin (I would like to say here that while the deck itself was quite spacious, the cabin underneath was not) to wait out the storm.

And then it was sunny.

But don't be fooled. Only an hour or so after that photo, we literally watched a storm cloud spit rain over Chicago while it chased us down. And then it was back down to the cabin.

It was fun overall though. It completely rounded out my weekend of extremely unhealthy eating. Not like I ever make too much of a conscious effort to eat healthy, because I usually eat whatever appeals to me. Because I'm a grown-up, dammit, and I'll eat cookies for dinner if I want to. Nyah.

There was a BBQ that we went to on Saturday, and then a red velvet cake at my parents' that same night. Just because.

And now I'm off to have leftover red velvet cake that I stole from my parents my mother gave me. Oh yes.

Okay, I lied. I do make a conscious effort to eat healthy. It balances out my unending need for cupcakes and cookies.

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