Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Earlybird Lifestyle: Days 1 & 2

Yesterday was day 1 of this "get up early" thing we're trying. I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm went off due to a certain furry critter jumping on me (I think accidentally, but who knows).

So I got up. I was actually excited to run 2.5 miles (starting the work-my-way-up-to-10k training). That is, until I actually started running. I think it must have been about 3845% humidity (because that's what it felt like) and almost 80 degrees already. I managed to run the entire 2.5 miles (if you can call it that, I would say it turned into more of a lumber towards the end -- but I didn't walk!), but I pretty much thought I was going to die the entire time (I'm sure I also looked mighty attractive as I chugged along).

Bailey was super happy though. She was quite intrigued by my water bottle that I was guzzling from as I sat gasping for air when I got home.

It did feel pretty great once I'd recovered and showered. I liked having tons of extra time before I left for work (usually we're running out the door to catch the train and then I get paranoid that I've done something silly like leave the refrigerator door open even if I didn't go into the refrigerator that morning). I liked showering in the morning. So overall, I was actually pretty psyched to wake up early again today.

Until I actually woke up today. I woke up to my alarm this time, and I felt exhausted and heavy, even though I went to bed at 10pm last night.

I didn't mind too much that I felt so tired, because I just had 30 minutes of cross training today which I decided to cycle for. I had to get my bike from my parents' place about 2 blocks away, and after feeling extra enthusiastic about the fact that I even managed to get up early again, I decided to jog over. Is it sad that I was tired after the 2 blocks of jogging? I'm going to tell myself it was because I went extra fast since it was a such short distance. The bike ride at least felt nice, although my legs are sore now...I didn't think I was this out of shape!

So overall aside from the boatload of time I now have in the morning before I go to work, I can't say I'm enjoying dragging myself out of bed at the crack of dawn too much yet, but hopefully it'll start feeling joyous and refreshing soon.


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