Monday, June 6, 2011


Not in my pants.

But in my kitchen, all around Bailey's food and water bowls. It is gross. I woke up last night to some heavy clunking from Bailey around her food and water bowls, and I was annoyed because I thought she was making too much noise while eating and drinking. But this morning when I went to feed her breakfast, I noticed not just a few, but a swarm of ants. And we know how Bailey is about bugs.

Okay, maybe not a swarm as bad as this one:

Thanks Jeni for taking this picture! ... 5 years ago!
But it was pretty bad. Just crawling all around her bowls. Poor kitten :-(

She probably tried battling them at night but failed. Miserably. I can't blame her though, she was outnumbered about 1 to 50.

So, I went on a rampage. I killed every single ant I could see (call me an animal killer, but I hate ants. They should stay out of my apartment if they want to live). But more just kept appearing.

Also, I was too busy killing the ants to take a picture. But it was something like this.

So then...I took it up a notch, and my rampage became a RAID RAMPAGE.

And that is why I got into work 30 minutes later than I'd planned to today.

It is also why my perfume of the day was Scent O' Raid.

Thanks to Google, I now know I should try either a) floating the bowls in a moat-like structure (drowning ants!) or b) sprinkling cinnamon or cayenne pepper (BOTH!) around the bowls (irritating ants? killing ants? irritating kitten? hopefully not that last one).

There aren't any ants at the moment (I scared/killed them off with my RAID RAMPAGE, I'm sure), but I'm ready for them if they ever come back.


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