Monday, June 27, 2011


That's pretty much it. Monday. Snoozed twice this morning before finally getting out of bed to do some stretching and strengthening, according to my schedule. It must have been in a state of delusion that I decided my "strength" portion would be a series of at-home exercises involving tuck jumps, squat jumps, lunges, burpees, ... the list goes on and it doesn't get better. It was not a good time and since I live on the second floor and didn't want to make it sound like the world was ending to my downstairs neighbor, I did everything in my backyard where anyone on the block could see me be out of shape if they wanted to.

I'm not sure Bailey approved of my workout either, after I went back inside and collapsed on the floor ("stretching"...).

But breakfast was delicious! As always.

Random question of the day: how is it that the weather forecast is so inaccurate? How can they not predict these things a bit better? When I woke up this morning, it was dark and gloomy outside, and when I checked the forecast, it was all like "RAIN! 500% CHANCE!!! YOU WILL DEFINITELY GET RAINED ON!" and there were red boxes all over the place saying "SEVERE STORMS!!!! STAY INSIDE!"

It was actually raining when we left for work, so I decided that since it was already raining and the forecast said the world was going to drown in rain that afternoon, I would wear my rain boots. It looked silly, because I was wearing this pink dress with flowers on it and my rain boots are a decently bright blue. But whatever, my feet and legs stayed dry on my walk to work.

And then 4pm came around, and was there rain? No. Was the earth ending in massive floods? No. Was there a cloud in the sky? Hardly. So I had to wear my rain boots on the way home, looking really cool as I walked down the street in my pink dress and blue boots under the blazing sun.

And apparently everyone else got the memo that the weather report was going to lie today, because no one else was wearing anything to suggest that there had even been rain earlier that day. Which just made me feel that much cooler as I trudged along.

So, weather forecasters. Get your acts together.


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