Sunday, June 5, 2011

Return & Bugs

We just got back from a 6-day cruise.
  1. It was awesome. Totally got sunburned, although not as badly as Nick.
  2. Week off work? Yes, please. Anytime.
  3. Caught a cold on last day of cruise (in average 85-degree F temperatures in the Western Caribbean). How does that even work?
  4. Going back to work tomorrow. :-(
My parents took care of Bailey while we were gone, and even though they spent at least 4 hours with her at our apartment everyday, she was super happy (read: had bouts of hyperactive craziness) when we got back.

I also found definite signs of kitten misbehavior. One, all her little catnip toys were missing. We dug the purple one she got on her birthday out from under the couch, but there are two more that are nowhere to be seen. Two, part of our tablespoon measure was in the living room when we got back. Hmm...don't think I left it there.

Anyway. It's almost summer, which means soon our apartment will have a slightly higher population of various bugs. Not enough that it gets too gross for me and I go on a Raid rampage (although this did happen one summer), but enough that Bailey becomes obsessed with hunting for them. And then eating them (if she catches one, which doesn't happen much).

It starts with her finding a single bug somewhere just one time.

Then she tries to catch it simply by putting her paw on it. Which, unsurprisingly, doesn't work very well seeing as the bug just crawls out.

She'll do this for about 20 minutes, during which time she is convinced that the bug definitely could not have escaped and is still in the starting place she found it in. And she will sit there for hours on end, waiting for a bug to magically appear again.

At least she's patient. I would say "at least our apartment is bug-free," but seeing as she catches 1 of every 10 bugs she finds, this isn't exactly true.


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