Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not the Bad Cop!

I spent most of my morning today being pampered at the spa.

It was a long week. There was the stove incident. There was an allergic reaction emergency that I'm not going to go into detail about. In short, I deserved this.

I came out feeling refreshed and in general super-awesome, as all spas should make you feel.

Bailey apparently did not have such a great morning. As I was leaving the spa, I saw this message from Nick (my boyfriend, in case you are someone I don't know and you're reading this) on my phone:

"I just closed Bay's tail in my door. She yelped so sadly. Now she hates me! SENT: 12:56PM"

Okay. Call me a meanie, but I found this amusing (read: hysterical) for two reasons:
  1. Nick adores Bailey. Like, loves her more than he loves food. Loves her more than he loves video games. Loves her more than he loves his right ear, and that's the only one he has hearing in. Loves her more than he loves me. Maybe. Hmph.

    He has basically never punished her, even when she does things like TRY TO CHEW ON ELECTRIC CORDS. Wait, that's a lie. He has punished her. He punishes her by saying "Bailey" in a voice slightly louder than normal talking volume and slightly quieter than if he was trying to tell me something and I was at the other end of the apartment.
  2. In a good cop/bad cop scenario if Bailey has just done something we don't want her to do (like jump onto the kitchen counter), I am ALWAYS the bad cop. I'm the one who yells at her. I'm the one who sprays her with a water bottle. Nick is the one who says "Aww don't do that anymore, she learned her lesson!" (Judging by how many times Bailey would repeat the offense, she most certainly did not learn her lesson.) Bailey probably associates all bad things happening to her with me. So finally, for once, I AM NOT THE BAD COP! I wasn't even there! Hurrah!
Needless to say, Nick was devastated. Probably on the verge of tears.

But everything was fine (in case you were all worried that we now have a broken kitten on our hands), because just below that text, there was another message from him:

"Well it took a few treats but I think she's forgiven me! SENT: 12:59PM"

So really, the only thing that came from this incident is the fact that Bailey probably thinks getting her tail slammed in a door results in multiple treats. Also, I'm glad that the first thing he reported back to me was that it's confirmed, Bailey does NOT hate him. No news about her tail. Who cares about that, as long as she doesn't hate him?

P.S. Bailey's tail was fine. It might look kind of strangely bent in this picture, but clearly she doesn't think anything is wrong. And that's what I'm going to choose to think too.


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