Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dessert Friday #18

Yeah, I know I've been kind of slacking with posts lately. However, I have not been slacking with the desserts .

Cream puff, anyone?

Yup, third week in a row. It happened.

Remember the filling? I do.

Maybe next week I'll try to be original and pick something else. Although the something else would most likely be cupcakes, so that's not exactly being original. What's the most extravagant dessert out there? (Please say red velvet cupcakes.)

To counter my endless ingestion of desserts, I made a healthy autumn salad last night for dinner.


With Brussel sprouts. I swear, as I was chopping up the Brussel sprouts, I seriously considered just not including them at all because they smelled weird. I didn't like it.

And continuing with the healthy kick, homemade garlic bread on the side. Because everyone needs a little fat, right?


Thankfully the Brussel sprouts turned out edible. As long as I had squash on my fork as well. No, I'm kidding, they actually tasted good (Katelyn, you can make them for Thanksgiving now) and definitely smelled good in the oven.

Is that rum + Coke in the back? Yes it is.

And some Bailey pictures, of course. The best ones I had were on my phone, so I apologize for the graininess and small size (apparently I didn't want to email them to myself with the "large" size option).

I judge you. Who wouldn't want to see a big picture of me?

And then there's this gem. Hilarious to me, probably embarrassing to her.

Eh? What's over there? What was I doing again?


In complete other news, continuing with the completely random post that this has become, I went to a Pilates class last Wednesday and discovered the joy of the foam roller.


Really, someone should have told me about this before. This thing basically gives you a massage. My back was practically dancing with joy after I used this. After class I immediately ordered one of my own, and ever since it arrived yesterday, I've basically been living on it. Regular 24-year-old back, here I come.


  1. OMG the cream puff again! I am dying!

    Have you ever tried a Napoleon? FABULOUS! (maybe not as good as a cream puff but FABULOUS!)

    Also, do you like Tiramisu? Another of my faves!

    I love brussel sprouts when they are roasted in the oven w/olive oil, it looks like you might have made yours that way.

    Bailey is quite adept at yoga isn't she? lol

  2. Hahaha! Bailey definitely has some yoga skills!

    I LOVE both Napoleons and tiramisu! Our local grocery store sells Napoleons and they're absolutely delicious. I have yet to find a place around here that has good tiramisu, but maybe I should work on that for this week's dessert! :)