Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Days

Oh, wait. Is it fall? I'm not sure, because in the middle of the day today, Chicago snowed buckets. Literally buckets. I looked out the window at work and thought that someone was standing on the roof of our building with a gigantic fan blowing fake snow down to the streets.

And then, in typical Chicago fashion, it was sunny with blue skies five minutes later. Nice.

Despite the crazy weather, some of the trees here finally have red leaves.

Like this one!

And we've even got some ivy on our back porch that's turning lovely shades of yellow and orange.

Definitely fall.

With all the leaves falling off the trees, Bailey has been keeping vigilant watch over the apartment because you never know when those leaves might attack.


She gets a little nutty. Which is a little annoying, but then she's so completely exhausted that she usually just passes out for hours.


But as long as she's even the tiniest bit awake, she'll be keeping an eye out for the leaves.

On guard.

Obviously she thinks this is a really big deal. I tell her she's just silly.

Please. The apartment would be in shambles if you didn't have me.

Yup, that's probably true. But since we do have her, we just come home to mail on the floor, the rug turned over in one corner, teaspoon measuring spoons on the living room floor...shall I go on?

I worked from home earlier this week because our radiators weren't working properly and it's, oh, what, 30 degrees outside? Thankfully we got them fixed. But since I worked from home, of course this happened.

Yes it did.

How did that bag of chips get on my desk? More importantly, how did more than half the bag get eaten? Beats me.

And of course this happened.


What can I say. She likes stretching out on clean laundry (that has been folded neatly into piles).

Nick went on a Lord of the Rings kick last week, and demanded (literally, demanded) that we watch all three movies. Thankfully not all on the same night, so we've been slowly making our way through them. We watched the second one last night, and I figured movie means snacks which means chips and dip, right?

I would just like to point out Nick's dainty pinky.

P.S. The foam roller is an absolute miracle healer. My back is about 98% back to normal. Everyone, go get one. Even if you don't have back problems, go get one. Just in case.


  1. I was just sitting here thinking while reading your blog wondering why I like it so much, then it hit me. Your blog is like visiting a friend, catching up with what they have been up to, hearing about their day, their meals, their cat...I just love it!

    Bailey is just too precious for words.

    We had the same snow here in Michigan...snowed, then sunshine, as you said "crazy"

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy reading it! :)

    Continuing with the crazy weather, we went from temperatures in the 30s last week to almost 70 today (not that I'm complaining). Let's hope it stays like this for awhile!