Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dessert Friday #24

It was kind of a boring Dessert Friday last week. Well, I guess not. Maybe. You can judge.

I overdosed on sweets the entire week last week, and by the time Friday rolled around, I was actually in the mood for something salty (I know, I don't think any of us expected this day to come). So Nick got a bag of caramel and cheese popcorn from Garrett.


And...uh, I only have one picture because we may have destroyed most of that bag on the 12-minute train ride back from work. It happens.

And just because Dessert Friday was kind of not really a dessert (and also because it was about to expire), I had a crème brûlée the next day after lunch.

Lunch dessert.

Did you know Costo sells packs of microwaveable crème brûlées? Now you do. I microwaved mine and it turned out fantastic, but you can also take a blowtorch to it...if that's something you keep around (you chefs out there).

Last Friday night was a quiet one for me. One of Nick's coworkers was having a party, but I had a work holiday party the day before, so going out was just about the last thing I wanted to do on Friday. So instead, I elected to stay home, watch approximately 4 hours of Friends, and sit next to Bailey on the couch.

Okay, you can take one more picture of me.

She got a little camera shy.

Stop, I'm blushing.

Nick also got me a yoga mat for Christmas (!!!) and I broke it in immediately.


It's an Aurorae Northern Lights mat, and it cost approximately three times as much as my old yoga mat (which is on its last legs, I'm sad to say). SADLY, I think I broke this one in so much (read: practiced twice on it) that it already has a small rip in the middle (what!). Thankfully Aurorae has a good defect policy, so as long as I get on returning it soon, I'll be able to get a replacement.

The rest of the weekend was spent at Ikea picking out bookshelves (our old one was literally leaning to one side and I prayed every day that it wouldn't fall over) and then putting them together.

The instructions for the shelves came with a good life tip.

You should have at least one friend.

We ended up getting two bookshelves because I wanted glass doors and Nick was all "But I like seeing the books," and apparently our method of compromise is to just get everything everyone wants, so now we have one bookshelf with glass doors, and another one that's identical except without the doors so Nick can see his books.

We spread out the building over two days, and Bailey supervised both times.

Do it right.

As soon as I opened the box for the bookshelf with glass doors, I regretted buying it because there were approximately six gazillion bits and pieces.

What is this?
Have fun with that. I'll be here.

Bailey got a bit curious at one point.

But there are toys on the ground!

Thankfully she knew she would in big trouble if she so much as sniffed at any of the pieces, so she mostly stood her ground on her tower.

Please. I'm an angel.

Apparently the building process was so enthralling that she ended up passing out.

Just let me know when I can jump on the shelves.

It turned out okay. There was a small hitch with one of the hinges, but we now have a standing bookshelf with glass doors.

It has doors!

I don't know why it looks crooked. I took a torpedo level to it from all possible sides, and it was straight every way, so I'm just going to stop panicking and assume that it's not going to fall over.

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  1. hahaha I feel your ikea pain. my entire room, which now will be sold and not taken to vegas, was ikea. its the swedes revenge on americans. also henry of course knocked stuff everywhere.