Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In Which I Lose Everything on my Phone


This is the story of how I don't back up anything on my iPhone (WHY YAYAN, WHY!!!?), and this morning as I attempted to upgrade to that Godforsaken, swear words new stupid dumb useless iOS6, my phone crashed and was sent into the black hole of "recovery mode" and I lost everything on my phone.

That would be almost 500 pictures, all my text messages ever, most of my new contacts (who knew iCloud had backed up my contacts a few months ago but NOT my photos?), all my settings, everything.

It made for a fantastic morning, during which I wept and swore and yelled at three different Apple Support people. Not that it was their fault. BUT my phone had completely stopped functioning and the situation got bad enough that the last guy said if he couldn't get my phone working, they'd send me a new one - for free. If that doesn't say dire situation, I don't know what does. Not that I really want a new phone, I just want MY OLD PHOTOS BACK. But at least my phone is functioning now, if you look at the silver lining.

Sob. Sigh.

In other news, the past few months have been great. The summer in Seattle is way more mild than much so that I complained about it being in the high 80s at one point. I can't say anything about the winter, since I haven't experienced it, but check back after it's been gray and rainy for 2 months and see how I'm doing.

I've been outdoor climbing, for the first time.

The harness does favors for NO ONE.

 It was interesting. Quite different from indoors, which is what I'm used to.

I've also been cultivating a new obsession with Legos. Nick got me the Hogwarts Lego set for my birthday, which I built in one night...


It's fine. I'm totally cool. Also what you see up there is about 1/8 of the size of the whole thing.

And we flew down to San Francisco for a wedding last weekend.

A lot of people live here.

Aside from being robbed blind taking the BART from the airport (a $7.00 surcharge for the airport on top of the price of the train ticket?! WHAT IS THAT?!), it was a lovely weekend of seeing friends, and the wedding was tons of fun.

And what has Bailey been up to? Oh, same old.

This is my toy.


She's just peachy. Sorry, I have no other cute pictures of her because - oh that's right - my phone lost them all. I'm not bitter.

So, the moral of this story is: back yo sh*t up. Or you'll regret it at some point. Also, I like Legos.


  1. was wondering where you have been!
    So sorry about the photos. I never back mine up on my phone either. Guess I better give it some thought!

  2. Thank you! I'm (very very) slowly getting over it...

  3. oh.. my.. goodness... I am so very sorry to hear about your phone!! I don't have a cell phone, but I did break down and get an iTouch. It crashed and would not reboot and I needed to replace it and I was really sad that I hadn't backed up for a couple of weeks.. I can't imagine losing everything!!