Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I love Sundays when I do absolutely nothing aside from feed myself food from time to time. This makes me sound extremely lazy, but I am, so I'm fine with that.

Bailey spent the day lounging around in the sunlight (it's a rough life, haven't you heard?)

Here I am.
Notice me.
Have you noticed me?
Oh you did. Let me get pretty.

The one productive thing I did today was make a cake. I originally wanted to make a red velvet cake (for Valentine's Day, duh), but conveniently the grocery store here had zero bottles of red food coloring. So here you have it:

Alien velvet cake.
It's the best I could do. Happy Alien Valentine's Day.

It turned out all the same.

Can't even tell.
Kind of like Christmas.

The best thing about making your own cake is you can put as much frosting as you want on it. Sadly, I still didn't think there was enough frosting. 

More frosting next time.
Also, how are you supposed to keep the frosting from getting all crumby when you cut it? Do you have to let it sit in the fridge for, like, 20 minutes or something? I have no patience for that. So I've come to terms with crumby frosting. It's fine.

And since I didn't update last weekend, here are some highlights:

I made waffles.
Thanks to the $10 waffle iron I got on Black Friday.

I made bread.
And I finally got I Can't Believe It's Not Butter today to spread on homemade bread, because I finally felt bad enough about spreading slabs of pure butter on each and every piece. Me on my way to being healthy.

In other news...

I finished my training at the Anti-Cruelty Society yesterday, and I've already got three dogs on my list that I want to adopt. Actually, make that like eight. Or twelve. In any case. I walked a beagle mix yesterday who was absolutely adorable and decided to poop smack in the middle of the adoption waiting room while a couple of people were discussing adoption. It was a fine moment (and yes, I cleaned it up).

I got a shirt, so it's official.

So in summary, it is now my job to play with puppies. Expect pictures in the near future.


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